Infrastructure and Architecture Services

Infrastructure is the unsung hero of many IT organizations running unfailingly in the background with little or no visibility. This is as is should be as infrastructure must run to support the rest of the organization and is required to have a level of transparency. To support the technology required for solid unwavering performance and uptime required for many of the critical applications and services available to many organizations it is critical the infrastructure performs as efficiently and transparently as possible. Howste works with your business executives, IT department, and stakeholders to understand your company’s business and technical requirements. We can then take those requirements and analyze the current state of your IT infrastructure to determine what risks the infrastructure may pose to the business. Our services include:

Analysis and recommendations for infrastructure risk to businessHowste Technical Services Computer Consulting, Managed Services, Digital Marketing 
Infrastructure network design and implementation
Virtualization design and implementation
System performance and optimization assessments
Security audits
IT project and program management
Database design and implementation
Disaster recovery