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Hello. I'm Zachary Adams. I'm with Z Insures Me health insurance. I'm your health insurance superhero. I approached Howard and Lollie and Howste a few years ago about building me a website. That was a pretty straightforward ordeal for me. It was that everyone said, oh, you have to be. You have to have a website in order to be noticed. And everything.

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And they did it. They did. They did a great job. They created a website that was functional. It was beautiful, did exactly what I told them to do, and I hated it. Every time I looked at it, I got depressed. I got a little sad because it was polished, it was spit cleaned, and it was perfect, but it wasn't me.

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And I raised this concern to Howard and Lollie and immediately Howard got very excited. And by the time I got in my car and started driving home from the networking meeting where we were headed, Lollie had already texted me and was calling me. And it was it was very quick, very immediate response. And that led to the creation of my brand, the health insurance superhero a recognizable, recognizable fun.

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And it's me that, in addition, also led to me wearing a cape to every networking event and business meeting that I go to. Aside from the technical skill of of Howste and its crew as people, Howard and Lollie make sure that what you are creating is something that is genuine. That is you you're not putting a brand up there.

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You're putting yourself out there, and they're willing to empower and enable you to do that. And they give good advice, they give good direction, and they tell you when you're being an idiot, which is very important for a management team to do. The problem that I had was not being recognized, and they based they changed that very, very quickly.

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I now go to networking groups and meetings and they go, Oh yeah, you're the guy with the cape or Oh yeah, you're the guy who sells health insurance. They don't they may not remember me. They may not remember what I do, but they always remember the brand. And that is largely in partly that due to Howard and Lollies efforts in building it. Their services have been exceptional.

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They've been quick to respond to things. They're changes. Any adjustments that are made are always are always very rapidly pushed out. And then they're they're communicating the entire time to make sure that it's exactly what not necessarily what I want, but what I need and when you're working with any kind of client who doesn't specialize in in that industry, it's important to be able to have the comfort and the relationship that you can tell them what to do, how to do it, and what they need.

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I would say that my solution was a unique one. It was a little unusual. I went to two of I had quotes from two other website designers who all both reputable in their own right, and we're going to do exactly what I asked them to. But none of them were willing to push the boundaries the way that Howste was.

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And I stand by that. If I didn't I didn't agree to hire them on that. I would not be the brand I am today that I would not be recognizable, that I would not have be having nearly as much fun with branding as I do currently. And I'm very happy with the solution. It's been it's been a fun ride.

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It's been enjoyable. And I look for the thoughts, you know, I look forward to to what what can come of this because with this brand, this there's a lot I can do if I ever decide to go out of health insurance or do something else, or if I decide to grow into a have several employees. If I'm growing into a business, you know, I can bring in other superheroes and maintain that brand.

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So it's got longevity, it's got purpose, and it's got it's something that's easily recognizable from a purpose perspective for clients. They they there's a sense of trust that's built there. We're they professional? It's a weird question because I hate that question because in my opinion, the people who are best at their jobs are not the most professional people in the world.

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They may they built me first; a very, very professional website. It was great. It was perfect. And then we went a little unprofessional. We did something a little unusual something that I have had lawyers and realtors and some people who are of a more professional disposition just straight up tell me they don't like it. They think it's silly, they think it's childish, but they're willing to push that boundary.

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They're willing Howste is willing to do things that maybe some may consider unprofessional, but they do it in a manner that is precise, that is accurate, and that is intentional. One of the unique services that Howste provided to me was a direct line, of contact. Every time I spoke with a company that does this sort of that does any kind of website management, it was always difficult to get in touch with somebody any time I need communicate.

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It was usually an email chain or an automatic thread or an info at business name dot com. And I never spoke with anyone directly aside from maybe the sales rep. So having that direct connection, personal connection to the one, the people who are building the site so that they could really get an idea of my vision and share their vision was extremely impactful and how we built up, we built the website.

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I would highly recommend Howste. Working alongside Howard and Lollie and the team was an extremely positive experience, not just professionally but personally. They're wonderful people who were a lot of fun to be around. It's developed into a friendship that I expect the last for years to come, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for anything, anything IT related marketing design anything, any kind of trajectory you want to take your business, they can help get you there.


Coach Chris Testimonial

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Coach Chris with CM Consulting here in Woodstock, Georgia.

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I use Howste technical services for my website

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and for some of my social media stuff too, because they help me to understand

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what I needed to do to grow my business.

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They did a great job on my website.

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You can come check it out if you want to see all the things that they've done.

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They've helped me to set things up with my new book that's coming out.

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So if you're looking for somebody, that's professional knows what they're doing

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and really is good with people.

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Contact Howste Technical Services they'll help you out.