Payment not accepted?

  1. Is the card that you are using attached to a PayPal account?
    1. PayPal won't process the card as a separate debit/credit card if it is attached to an account.
    2. You will have to log into PayPal using the PayPal button, and use your account.
    3. Insite your PayPal account, select the credit card you wish to use, and process your payment.
  2. Is your card locked?
    1. Some credit cards allow you to lock them in an app or online so that the card can't be used.
    2. Some credit card companies will lock a card if they think its been used for fraud.
    3. Some credit card companies will lock your card if you haven't used it in a specific amount of time.
    4. Call your credit card company to seek assistance.
  3. Do you have a pop up blocker installed or an addon to your browser?
    1. This does require you to allow popups in order to process the payment.
    2. Some browser addons or extensions will prevent the payment gateway from working.
    3. Try using a different browser we recommend Chrome of Firefox.
  4. Do you have a software package on your machine preventing you from using this payment gateway?
    1. Some malware or antivirus programs will not allow this payment gateway.
    2. The gateway is through PayPal, but the debit/credit card payment doesn't require a login, and some software does not like the process.
    3. Disable your malware/antivirus software and re enable it after you process the payment.
    4. Try another device for processing your payment.