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Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram algorithm getting ya down? Howste Technical Services can help with that. Here are a few tips we find useful for posting content on Instagram that will work well with their current algorithm update (as of October 2021)


1: REELS all day long.

We understand that filming videos can take some more time than posting, but this is currently the best way to reach new followers. Posts are reaching your current followers, reels reach out to new future followers. The algorithm can be a little more feisty, but continue to create quality content that is interesting and short and you will grow.

2: 10 to 12 Hashtags

This is the current recommendation from Instagram. In the past, they have encouraged using all 30, but they have found that to saturate parts of the algorithm so much that it was no longer useful. Make those 10 Hashtags count, choose tags for your kind of business, what you are actively doing in the post, and for the local area to reach your potential clients.

3: Make sure your post's have more than one image to scroll to

When a photo post has more than one image in the scroller, Instagram will show that post at least twice to your followers to encourage interaction. Make sure those first two images are eye catching and something your followers will react to.


We hope you found these tips and tricks for Instagram helpful. Remember to follow Howste Technical Services on all of our social media pages for more tips and tricks as well as details all about how we can help your small business.