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ADA Compliance… Whats The Big Deal?

ADA Title I compliance is required for with an online presence impacting commerce. For many years this was not enforced as the language in Title I did not specifically address online presence. But, with the recent case that was decided in favor of the disabled plaintiff suddenly many businesses are exposed. (Side note: Title I exempts companies with less than 15 employees, though you must still be compliant if you fall under Title III with a physical consumer presence regardless of your size)

For medium to larger businesses this is now mandatory. But, for many this means you don’t need to be compliant. Or should you? What happens when you suddenly cross that threshold or your client base changes? Is your web presence the last on the list or is it leading the charge?

As a technology company we strive to ensure our web sites are always forward thinking. Much of what Google requires in web sites we had already designed into our client’s sites and similarly all of our web site designs have been ADA compliant from initial build, even when they were not specifically required. We have found much of the meta-data required in ADA compliance for a site also improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improves site ease of use and flow, and Google even looks for these features (by default as they are SEO elements). We also consider all forms of access, not just visual.

I challenge you to check in with your web designer/developer or IT Company and ensure they are looking to the future with your total web presence (not just ADA compliance)! Status quo is always more expensive when it’s time to change and be agile…

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