What are your IT needs?

What are your IT needs?

At home we often wish we had the full office set up. But there is no space or budget for it.

At the office, we have all the things but there never seems to be the right thing.

What is missing? What is it that you fumble with that could be and should be easier to do?

Why haven’t you called someone to fix that problem yet?

What are the reasons that you haven’t found the solutions to these situations?

Are you aware of some of the compact office equipment available today? Often there are machines that do multiple things and take up less space.

There are also items available that can make it less expensive to find solutions for your office so that you don’t have to have 5 steps to complete a project, you can do multiple things in 1 or 2 steps.

Making your work flow quicker relieves stress in a project and increases your productivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get things done quicker and with less stress?

Why haven’t you looked for the solutions? What are your barriers? What are you doing about it? What are the problems that you need answers for?

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Is your computer celebrating Halloween without you?

Storm Worm — OSX/RSPlug Trojan — Netsky and Sasser — The Blaster Worm — The Melissa Virus — ILOVEYOU — The Anna Kournikova Worm — CIH — The Concept Virus — The Morris Worm

Are we talking about something I should see my doctor about?
Well, we are talking about the worst viruses of all time, and your computer is at risk.

Why does that matter to me, I’m a smart person, I have antivirus software?
Well for starters, they haven’t all been cured. In fact, some of these are laying dormant on machines across the world. Some of these have been upgraded. And some of these have been modified to work on your phones.

Surely not my phone though, I have an apple it’s harder to attack.
Yes, Apple is more resistant than Android or Windows phone. So, these codes get embedded into the apps.

Into the apps? But I only install apps from reputable companies.
Yep, and just a like a file from an email, an app can have it embedded into it, or it can be part of the download from the app store/apple iTunes.

Wait, iTunes/App Stores run virus programs, they check for this stuff, they should know what they are doing.
Yes, they check for it, after its been reported to them, they go back and retroactively check it out.

Why don’t they look at it first, before it leaves the app store/iTunes?
They have too many apps uploaded regularly and they leave it to the vendors to monitor their work.

Well a vendor wouldn’t intentionally add a virus, that would be counter productive.
You’re right! But app stores/iTunes get hacked, just like the rest of us. Are you sure that you want to make them responsible for your safety?

What can I do about it?
Make sure that your antivirus is set up to run on any downloads, including App store/Itunes purchases. That it is checked before it is installed.

Every time?
Yes, and with Halloween right around the corner… it’s time to be extra careful. Halloween is known as being a hallmark time for new and unusual viruses and malware to hit the market. Halloween pranks aren’t just in your back yard anymore!

If your computer is acting up, call us, call a professional… take it serious. Shut it off, and call someone to look at it. Make sure your backups are complete now.

If your co worker is acting up… well thats a different professional, we can’t help with that.

Happy Halloween

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