What to do with your computer and peripheral equipment during severe weather…

First and foremost, before the storm, ensure you back up your data to external storage (DVD/Hard Drive/Cloud Drive), and keep your local backup in a safe place. If you have any personally sensitive data or company confidential data ensure you follow your organization’s guidelines on storing critical or confidential data. Most companies provide backup services or systems and you won’t have to do it yourself, but check with your local IT support just in case.

Secondly, when the storm is imminent ensure you unplug your computer and/or peripherals, including monitors and printers to protect your devices from power surges during and after a storm. Unplug your network and modem cables as well. The use of a good surge protector (typically rated for lightning strikes) can offer a bit of protection during storms. However, unplugging is the safer choice. Note: not all surge protectors are rated for a heavy lighting strike and many are not guaranteed. Please ensure you read the warranty and support documentation before purchasing or using surge protection devices to ensure you are covered in case the device is overwhelmed (read “unplugging” above).

Tertiary, power fluctuations can sometimes cause more damage than a hard loss of power. The use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is recommended if you must use computer and/or peripherals during the storm. The UPS provides steady power for a period of time (read the UPS specifics for time and power requirements) and protects equipment from power fluctuations.

It is recommended that you charge your mobile devices (anything with a battery) before, not during, the storm.

And, as always, safety is key so don’t touch power cords, cables, or equipment during a storm.

If you are in a flooding area ensure you keep power cords and/or equipment (what will fit) in water tight sealable containers (storage bags, trash bags, water tight storage, etc…) to ensure no water damage.

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Thanks and Stay Safe!